My Ideal

My Ideal

Friday, May 29, 2015

Truth be told

Have you had "the party's over" moment yet?
That singular thought that bores a hole through your joy,
That renders you small, insignificant & without response,
That shocking truth 
your youthful armor had protected you from?
I can't conceive the science that orders our lives 
when a vein of emotions, thoughts & memories 
can be literally stuffed into a tiny moment.
.....and with that brimming moment comes the wash of futility. 
Everything changes in you forever.
Your Hope is taken in an unwanted trade for Resignation.
In a panicked whelp you ask,
"Could I have been wrong about everything?"

Answer: yes

poem & photo by Lori McGee
Copyright Chasing Claire de Lune 2015
All Rights Reserved.